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Sperm Class AnalyzerŽ (SCAŽ), is a system for the quantitative analysis and management of the most important human semen parameters, according to W.H.O. criteria.

With more than ten years of existence now, we are in collaboration with prestigious fertility centres and some International Universities to continiously develope SCAŽ, currently one of the best CASA systems in the market.

SCAŽ has many advantages, such as: a very high precision, accuracy and repeatability which are impossible to attain with subjective analysis; maximum reliability, and rapid analysis and management of the results. User-friendly system, with Windows based interface, easy to learn in a short time. SCAŽ is an essential system for research and proves to be a high quality tool in the control of all your analyses and results.

The basic components of the system are: a bright field microscope with phase contrast microscopy to visualize the sample, a digital camera to capture images and a computer with SCAŽ software installed. Besides, additional components can be added according to the users needs (View image).

SCAŽ can use the components of your clinical/research laboratory, only if they fulfill the minimum requirements, and this means that you will save money and space besides being able to use the microscope and computer for other research/general purposes.

The software SCAŽ consist of several independent modules:

Any analisys module also includes SCAŽ Sample Management.

There are two additional modules (SCAŽ Capture y SCAŽ Viewer), showing that SCAŽ is the CASA with more flexibility in the market.
SCAŽ is modular, which means the customer can acquire the components and software according to their budget.

There are several editions of the programs (Full and Lite Editions), and a Research Edition (for animal species), which can be tailor-made to adapt the system to the customer´s needs.

The Management system is highly complete. Includes custom reports (design as well as language) with images, graphics and numerical data. The Database contains all sample data, stored locally or in a server, and allows the data to be shared with other SCAŽ or another existing database.