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Sperm Class AnalyzerŽ (SCAŽ) is a computer automated semen analysis system designed to provide objective quantitative analysis of sperm samples. An integrated database enables management of SCAŽ semen analysis in the production environment but there is also a detailed data output option more suited to research.

With more than ten years of existence now, we are in collaboration with prestigious fertility centres and some International Universities to continiously develope SCAŽ, currently one of the best CASA systems in the market.

The automated image analysis of SCAŽ provides results with high precision, repeatability and objectivity not possible in manual semen analysis. All analysis are quick to perform and the results are easily managed and reported with the user friendly SCAŽ software.

The basic hardware components of the system are an optical microscope, digital camera and a computer with SCAŽ software installed. The versatility provided by this use of non-dedicated, standard laboratory equipment, together with the flexibility provided by the modular structure of the software make SCAŽ an efficient and economical system. This system setup allows the hardware components to be used for other laboratory investigations and the software modules can to be purchased to match specific user requirements.

The SCAŽ software is comprised of several independent modules which means the system can be efficiently matched to suit user requirements.

There are two editions of the SCAŽ analysis program. One is for animal species only: Veterinary edition, and the Research edition is for all species, including human.
The SCAŽ application includes the optional use of an integrated database facility for easy access to results and reports stored for the semen samples.

Data can be stored locally or on a server, allowing results and reports to be shared with other SCAŽ or imported to another database.

Customised reports can be created in a specified languange and include images and graphics in addition to numerical data.