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The Planer benchtop incubator is primarily designed to grow and maintain cell cultures, particularly for IVF applications. The incubator will keep cells at an optimal temperature, humidity and gas content by maintaining a constant and clean environment for the embryo. The most common parameters for human IVF work are 37C, 5% CO2 in air and near 100% relative humidity.

Incubators are temporary homes for embryos and must replicate the conditions within the human body thus reducing embryonic stress from temperature, humidity or pH change.

Accuracy and control of the chamber to obtain environmental homeostasis is imperative. The Planer benchtop incubator is the most accurate of its kind ensuring the embryo suffers little or no exposure to temperature or ph level changes.

The compact size allows placement anywhere in the lab including flow cabinets and chambers and separation of patient by chamber increasing security. Flow control is unique with continuous, pulse and bleed options all available to optimise culture conditions and reduce gas usage.
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