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Leja® offer a wide range in disposable counting chamber for standard semen analysis. Three are slides with 2 or 4 chambers and with chamber depths of 10 or 20 micron. The Leja® slides have a standard low level of quantification which implies that even low sperm counts can be determind. The clinical implication of this is that you are well equipped to determine a threshold to choose between IUI, IVF, or ICSI for example. More and more laboratories worldwide are now using Leja® slides which make it easier to compare your results with those of your colleagues Leja® slides are very easy to work with and allow a laboratory technician to quickly learn to perform an accurate count thus improving efficiency and quality.
Following vasectomy the follow-up is extremely important. This is a joint effort by the patient, the surgeon and the laboratory that performs the semen analysis. The surgeon needs to inform the patient about all procedures. The laboratory needs to give as much certainly as possible regarding the outcome of the procedure. Clinical research has show that Leja® 100 micron chambers offer the greatest accuracy. It has also been shown that centrifuging a sample and examining the pallet does not increase accuracy. Leja® 100 micron chambers are designed specifically for post-vasectomy.