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POLYVISC PV-FV - Fliessviskosimeter

The POLYVISCŪ FV flow-viscometer quickly determines the flow rate of inhomogenous products in the laboratory, during production, and while making quality controls. Typical samples are: marmelade, jams, yoghurt and other food products like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard. The viscometer is also used for cosmetics, mortar, latex pain, cleansers, etc..

Principle of Measurement

The principle of determining the viscosity is based on a capacitative measurement. The conducitive capacity of the product to bemeasured is used for this purpose. A measuring contact in the flow channel ensures reliable results. The unit is very easy to clean. The measurement time selected is depending on the viscosity. Standard setting are 7, 5, 15 or 30 secounds. Other measuring times can be factory-adjusted if needed. The result is expressed as flow rate in mm / sec and is automatically calculated and indicated on a large LCD display. The unit can be used for samples with a temperature of up to 80 °C. Two models are available, one is battery operated. The other uses a rechargeable accumulator. On-the-spot-checks, therefore, are easily possible.