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Virtually any liquid sample can be stored in CBS High Security straws. Applications include plasma, serum, buffy coat, red blood cells, extracted DNA, urine, mouth wash, cell suspensions, bacterial or viral strains, gametes and embryos.
CBS High Security straws

All CBS High Security straws are made from a ionomeric resin that is chemically inert, biocompatible and has physical characteristics resistant to ultra low temperatures and pressures created by expanding liquids and liquid nitrogen. Sealed straws are resistance tested to 150 kg/cm2 (2133 lb/sq.inch), both the seals and the material should resist in order to have the batch approved.

Straws are filled by aspiration through an air permeable plug inside the straw. Two types of plugs are available:


Directly after filling, both extremities of the CBS High Security straw are thermally sealed with one of our specific machines: SYMS, PACE, MAPI or DIVA. This makes the straw absolutely leakproof, preventing contamination of the sample and its environment.
Tamper proof identification

The primary identification of the straw in the cold environment of the freezer is by its color, while its definitive identification is by its alpha-numerical and bar code. The CBS High Security straw is identified by tamper proof ink-jet print on a jacket around the straw. The special ink is resistant to liquid nitrogen and to ice crystals as well as plastic materials. Once the straw is sealed, the jacket cannot be removed from the straw unless it is opened.
A second process of identification is available for 0.3 mL straws where a colored identification rod with a label can be inserted inside the straw in the compartment behind the plug. This label can only be taken from the sample when the straw is opened.

For storage, CBS High Security straws are placed in colored compartments called visotubes which are available in many colors. These are further placed into colored goblets. Color coding facilitates identification of straws upon retrieval. A Daisy goblet can easily hold 144 straws (12 visotubes).


CBS High Security 0.3 mL and 0.5 mL straws
Length: 133 mm (130 mm after sealing)