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MEGATRON MT 3000 - Lab Inline Homogenizer for up to 15 l/min
The MEGATRON® MT 3000 HighEnd System is the smallest available continuous working In-Line/Recirculating homogenizing system with scale up possibility at comparable tip speeds and a throughput capacity of approx. 10 to 15 l/min. This unit, with its unique features, will improve already known applications and enter new areas of applications.
This will be achieved by much higher tip speeds i.e. by adjustable rotor speeds up to 30‘000 rpm. Thus results will be obtained with even finer and smaller droplets/particles down to approx. 1 ?m depending on the properties of the processed media.

The MEGATRON® MT 3000 processor will mostly be installed to a recirculating system as an alternative way of batch processing.
The main advantage of the MEGATRON® MT 3000 lab system is the possibility of simulating later pilot plant or production on a laboratory scale. These tests can be done with a minimum amount of product and energy.
The MEGATRON® MT 3000 Rotor/Stator Homogenizer disperses, emulsifies and reduces the size of solid particles, droplets and gas bubbles down to a few microns or less.

The MEGATRON® MT 3000 Dispersing System is a unique superior design with the following standard features: