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The most innovative
technology in quality and
productivity LC-GC-DIP/MS
The KONIK Group, with more than 30 years of experience in molecular analysis, has become established as a leading supplier of Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and Sample Preparation Robotic systems. Our innovative designs, in true normalised modular chassis, provide unique analytical capabilities, turn-key solutions and differential specifications for the academic, R&D and industrial markets all over the world.

All KONIK systems are designed at our R&D Center in Barcelona and manufactured in compliance with the CE Mark with the highest European standards of quality and supported worldwide by factory trained engineers.

The KONIK Group is the only independent European Company with a full range of GC, HPLC, Sample Preparation and Introduction Robotics and Mass Spectrometry products.

The new KONIK MS Q12 Series D features a revolutionary design, providing the power of three mass spectrometers in a single platform with fast and easy interchangeable ionisation sources for EI/CI/+/-, ESI/APCI/+/- and DIP/DEP/EI/CI/+/- in a compact benchtop instrument.

The design concept of the KONIK MS Q12 makes it unique in the world. Besides unsurpassed modularity and fexibility, it provides utmost sensitivity, resolution, robustness, reliability and high speed not available in any other benchtop quadrupole mass spectrometer. All these features make it suitable for research and routine, qualitative and quantitative analysis.