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POLYMIX PX-MFC 90 D / H - Powerful lab mill with blade grinding attachment
With the new designed POLYMIX® System PX-MFC 90 D KINEMATICA presents now the successor of the famous POLYTRON® System PX-MFC - Culatti Micro Hammer Mill.

The new PX-MFC 90 D is suitable for all dry milling applications in the lab and is designed with many new features: a more powerful motor, an integrated frequency inverter with LED-display, a new designed milling chamber with exchangeable grinding attachements, a new base frame with integrated handle and much more.

Special features of the PX-MFC 90 D:

Hammer mill grinding attachment
Consisting of rotor with 3 attached blades and stator with place for one exchangeable sieve

The blade grinding mill attachment is designed for processing dried, non-fatty, stringy and ductile products such as:
Wood, bark, roots, leaves, straw, cork, dried fruits, dried degreased meat, adenoids, fish, feathers, leather, dermis, wool, cotton, leashes, paper, coal, turf, dried resins, synthetic materials, fibre glass, plastic pellets, different textiles, felt, etc.