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REACTRON RT 1 - Lab Reactor for working volumes up to 1 Liter
KINEMATICA is the leading manufacturer of homogenizing and mixing equipment based on our technology of rotor/stator dispersing principles.
Starting at smallest lab volumes of 0.1 ml up to production dimensions of 150 t/h we have the suitable equipment configuration on hand to solve your homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, suspending, wet milling and mixing task.
Our POLYTRON® and MEGATRON® homogenizing and mixing processors treats your product at the finest level in shortest time (“down sizing” and “micro mixing”).

KINEMATICA is also a specialist for designing and manufacturing of complete plants. Our REACTRON® systems consist of processing tanks (single or multi-walled, standard design or complete customer and product specific), stirring system for macro mixing (e.g. anchor stirrer with drive unit), POLYTRON® / MEGATRON® homogenizing system for down sizing and micro mixing, piping, process control and further specific equipment in accordance with the
customer, the product and the process.
REACTRON® systems are available for batch and semi-batch operation with volumes starting with 1 liter up to several 100 liters. They can be designed and manufactured according to customer and application specifications.

The REACTRON® RT 1 and the REACTRON® RT 2 systems are modular concepted lab reactors for optimizing and reproducing chemical, mixing, dispersing and homogenizing processes in lab scale.

Some application examples: