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Liquid Nitrogen Container
Built in aluminium with super-insulation and resin neck to combine thermal efficiency, lightness and strength. The polyurethane paintwork gives the container a quality finish and remarkably long life. The containers are made in accordance with extremely strict internal quality assurance rules (ISO 9001 version 2000).

All GTs comply with international regulations applicable to the transport of dangerous materials by land, air or rail. (A level rod for checking the level is available as standard on the whole GT range)

The containers in this range are specially designed to conserve a large number of samples in a smaller volume. AIR LIQUIDE offers you the most complete range on the market:  7 different models, 7 opportunities to find the container that exactly matche your requirements. With the NATAL, AIR LIQUIDE enables you to satisfy needs for traceability in cryoconservation (until now not available for small containers) allowing measure-ments of the temperature and level.

The containers in this range evaporate very little nitrogen and have an exceptionally long operating time. To best tailor your container to your requirements, you can choose between two types of canister: metal or plastic, available with 1 or 2 levels (GT11/21/35).