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Meinzer II™ Sieve Shaker 110V / 60Hz

Quiet & Compact
This maintenance free, lightweight and portable vibrating sieve shaker provides precise repeatable results time after time.

By utilizing an electromagnetic drive, a fixed amplitude and rubber spring mounts, this unit produces the simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis. This gentle motion mimics that of hand sieving processes and therefore produces less wear on your sieves, less sample degradation and less sieve blinding. With no internal moving parts and a rugged construction, this unit will be maintenance free for years of use.

Sieve analysis has been a widely used procedure in quality control environments for years due to its simplicity. Utilizing an electrical sieve shaker eliminates the need for hand sieving which can be time consuming, and difficult to re-create or duplicate test results. The Meinzer II™ is ideal for use with sands, cements, chemicals, powder metals, cosmetics, grains, seeds, coal, soils, coffee, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and many other dry components in ground, granular or powder form. Each unit is "burned in", run continuously for over half a day, guaranteeing performance right out of the box.

8" Diameter (203.2 mm) or (200 mm) Sieves:

*Sieves, Pans and Covers must be ordered separately.

Dimensions (W x D x H)
10" x 10" x 7"
254 mm x 254 mm x 178 mm

36 lbs (16.3 kg) net

Mechanical Timer
1 to 60 minutes with automatic shutoff or continuous run

Electromagnetic drive

Limited one-year warranty