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Nanolytik« NanoFreeze V - Upright Laboratory Freezer

A new generation of high performance single compressor freezers for ultra low temperatures, using purely environmental gases and with a low energy consumption.

NanoFreeze V is available in four sizes 390 L, 500 L, 616 L and 732 L net volume. Although the freezer can reach -86║C, the standard setting from our factory is -80░C to save energy. Our cabinets are designed to meet the challenges of ultra low temperature applications, while ensuring long term durability and low maintenance. NanoFreeze ULT Freezers are made for the long-term storage of biological materials, blood components and pharmaceuticals, covering a wide range of applications such as life sciences, pharmaceutical and industry. The air cooled refrigeration system has been developed to maintain the set temperature in elevated ambient temperature environments.
               - Temperature changes,
               - Power failure,
               - Low back up battery voltage
               - and Door open

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