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Nanolytik® NanoGel Pro - Gel Documentation

Gel Documentation Darkroom hood with built-in CCD camera for Chemiluminescence and Densitometry Analysis

Development and production of this system is based on many years of experience in this field. We intentionally avoided the way with the simple, though inexpensive, but for scientific work not appropriate linear consumer cameras. Special care was taken for the ease of use and the long life span of the product. The separation of image acquisition and analysis is requested by the market. Of course the EASY Win32 analysis software (optionally included in delivery) can be installed on MS Windows system, where a USB port for the software protection key is available.

               -  1024 x 768 Pixels, total 786,000 Pixels
               -  Progressive Scan CCD Sensor with Square Pixels
               -  On-Chip Integration
               -  Signal to Noise Ratio > 36 dB
               -  nternal Resolution Depth 16 Bit
               -  3-0 Frames per second (Live)
               -  Shutter speed 0.01 - 1 hr.
               -  USB Connection
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