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microbial characterization

RiboPrinter® systemzcomponents

Efficient and consistent identification of microorganisms.

The RiboPrinter® microbial characterization system provides the speed, accuracy and resolution needed to identify microorganisms an characterize them efficiently and consistently. These determinations can be applied to virtually all bacteria.

Using powerful genetic information, the RiboPrinter® system provides an automated genetic snapshot, or RiboPrint® pattern. of any bacterium in less than eighthours. RiboPrint® pattern scharacterize environmental isolates, pathogens, spoilage organisms, controlstrains, beneficial organisms or any bacterium that is important to  the pharmaceutical, personal care and food safety industries

Untilnow, the methods for genetic characterization of bacteria required highly skilled technicians and blacked standard ization and consistency. The RiboPrinter® system provides the speed baccuracy reproducibility and confidence never before possible.

From start to finish, the RiboPrinter® system process is automated, simplifying operator training and minimizing errors due to technique. Loading and operating the characterization unit are easy and intuitive. The workstation software is user-friendly, providing so phisticated data analysist hat eliminates the need for subjective interpretation of results.

Only the RiboPrinter® system combines automation and the power of DNA to go beyond identifying and documenting a problem. The RiboPrinter®
system produces an exact genetic snapshot of organisms, delivering the unparalleled power to track sources of contamination and gain control of any microbial environment.