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Color coded goblets for storage of CBS High Security straws

Visotubes and goblets
CBS High Security straws are placed in goblets for storage in freezers. Goblets come in 8 different colors and their sub-compartments (called visotubes) in 12 different colors.

In the Daisy configuration, goblets hold 12 visotubes of different colors and can hold 168 CBS High Security 0.3 mL or 0.5 mL straws.

The color configuration of each goblet can be customized to the storage protocol. Color becomes an integrated part of the sample identification when it is associated with a sample type, protocol and / or storage level. Material and colors are fully compatible and resistant to long term storage at very low temperatures, including immersion into liquid nitrogen.
Goblets and lids are perforated in order to facilitate the flow of liquid nitrogen or nitrogen vapor into the goblet and around the straws. For storage in liquid nitrogen, the visotubes have not been perforated at their base so as to maintain the liquid nitrogen around the straws even if the goblet is temporarily extracted from the freezer. The goblet and visotubes maintain the sample at a stable low temperature until its decided thawing and use.

The colored plug ends of the straws are visible in all peripheral visotubes and in the clear central round visotube. The central higher visotube protects the straws under the lid when goblets are stacked during storage.